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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window The images flash in front of us as old films show Marines and soldiers carrying their M14s into battle. In the late s, the military was looking for an improvement on the M1 Garand that included a detachable magazine and full-auto capability. From that search, the M14 was born. The accuracy and reliability of the rifle soon found it being modified for specialized work. The modifications included the addition of a Leatherwood X scope and providing match-grade ammunition to the shooters. This version was designated the M21, and it remained the U. Even after its retirement, the M21 kept finding its way back into battle. In small circles, it was reissued during the Gulf War and was seen being carried by several elite units throughout the military.

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Get the best Springfield Armory coupons! In , The Armory began the manufacture of muskets for a young country. For the next years, Springfield Armory functioned as a supplier for every major American conflict as well as a “think tank” for new firearm concepts. In , citing budgetary concerns, the U.

Could you tell me What ” ca. ” mean? ca. before a date? Thanks for your answers.

Wow my jaw is on the floor, Bill! I see my AF10 made the final entry – what luck to be on that side of the finish line. Many many thanks to you! Glad to be of help. As for the “air-jet vanes henceforth mounted” remark, yes, that would likely be the case. The catalogs and Wesco books are not always consistent in the data they include from year to year or model to model, and pictures aren’t shown of every model, but in these cases , the Rivieras are all grouped in one section, and the description mentions the air-jet vanes, so this feature must apply to them all; it certainly applies for the subsequent incarnations.

I would like to have scanned the pages, but my scanner recently broke. The scanner glass literally shattered while I was scanning a lot of material. Thanks for the chronology! This was great to see. My father has the 17″ Debonaire hassock. His doesn’t have the serving tray but it looks like it was sold as a separate accessory.

I’d love to confirm or verify that it was an add-on and didn’t come standard with the fan. Glad it was helpful for you.

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IBM receivers made by Auto Ordnance have a wide recoil plate tang and the letters AO on the bevel below the serial number. Note One of the challenges facing researchers in reconstructing the history of the U. The quantities included above and the months of manufacture have been reconstructed from the research of many. Documents used to reconstruct this information have included a variety of U. Army Ordnance documents and documents from the various prime contractors.

The M Sling can be somewhat daunting at a first glance to the first time user. This photo series should help the novice decipher the “mystery” that is the M sling and how to install it on a rifle.

If you are like me, owning an M1 Carbine goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. It is about owning and collecting a piece of history. Because of that, a small group of dedicated collectors have built this site. We have compiled all the data on components and Carbines from various sources into a relational database. We have tried to make the data available as accurate as possible.

Given the absence of complete records of manufacture and sheer number of sources of data available, I guarantee you that We have made some mistakes. Please inform us of any information that you think is incorrect or missing and we will do our best to confirm and correct or add the information. On this site, you will be able to do the following: No collection is complete without an M1 Carbine. Over the past 65 years, most M1 Carbines have been arsenal rebuilt, refinished, re-barreled or repaired at least once and often several times.

Most will show signs of service often considerable and replacement of various parts. They are seldom encountered with all original parts and original finish as delivered from the manufacturer. Such “original” Carbines, even in well-used condition, are highly prized by collectors.


Most of the examples seen in the U. The model designation is Type 63 Carbine and were produced in state arsenals. Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed.

Nov 10,  · Check “sticky” threads at top of forums for lots of good site references, period training films, blueprints and manuals on M1 Garand/M14/ M1A Rifles. Couple of examples regarding serial numbers M1 Garand Dates of Manufacture (Born on Date).

York, Nebraska macgrumpy said: Can an M1A shoot well out to yards, yes they can and do quite regularly, I’ve got a Loaded model that I’ve shot out to yards very successfully. Springfield may or may not have a quality control issue but I doubt it, I suspect that most of the people having problems don’t really understand how to properly set one up for long range work. With a little research you will find that only about three brands of scope mounts work reliably; Sadlak, ARMS, and Bassett.

I use a Sadlak because once mounted it wont move if you mount it correctly and the receiver has the proper dimensions. But the Sadlak takes the most work to mount and it takes the most time to remove, once it’s in place it’s pretty much a permanent attachment. The ARMS is also a little difficult to mount and it’s permanent but it’s the lowest mount available. The Bassett is the easiest to mount, comes off quickly, and is very dependable.

M1a Super match: your experience?

He received his Virginia State Corrections certification for both pistol and shotgun in , was certified as a Federal Police Officer for both pistol and shotgun in and became certified as a Federal Protective Agent in pistol, shotgun and sub-machine gun during His friendly, positive style and personal attention is the result of a broad range of firearms training with people of all skill levels.

Recognizing that, Jason changed careers so that he could devote himself to teaching responsible firearms ownership and usage with Historic Arms. He has taught, literally, thousands of firearm students in hundreds of classes and gets great pleasure in seeing his past students go on to become safe, responsible armed members of their communities.

A strong proponent of the 2nd amendment, Jason keeps up to date on as many new laws and rules relating to gun ownership as he can and even numbers full automatic firearms among his fondest personal possessions. As an Ambassador Level Member of Front Sight and a Virginia registered firearm Salesperson he continues to devote himself to improving his personal firearm knowledge and skills.

This is a true scoped M1A platform, rivaling our own tests of the original Pro-Mag Archangel, as well as other higher priced aftermarket sniper stocks. As the only truly Mil-Spec semi-auto in current production, the M1A is as classic a rifle as you can get.

Chris Guska The M Sling can be somewhat daunting at a first glance to the first time user. This photo series should help the novice decipher the “mystery” that is the M sling and how to install it on a rifle. There is a long strap and a short strap. The long strap has two small leather “keeper” loops on it. Put the short strap through the rear sling swivel so that the metal O ring is nearest the stock and the side of the strap with the hooks is on the outside – with the hooks facing the stock.

Take the end of the long strap that does not have a hook on it and slide it through the O ring on the short strap. Leave one of the leather keepers on the long strap, so its in between the O ring and the metal hooks. Slide the end of the long strap through the keeper you left on in Step 2.

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Found this useful post elsewhere on the Internet and thought I’d share it with the Marlin lever gun here. Blued receiver Short Actions: The old Marlin Records only reflect what was written down in the ledgers. There are many blank serial number lines that we know guns were made, but not recorded. So actual numbers are not exact. Serials start in , range Model

Mar 02,  · Springfield M1A Serial Numbers Can someone point me to a serial number and date of manufacture list or chart for the Springfield Armory M1A’s? I have seen random posts and answers to “when was my rifle manufactured” but, everything in one list would great.

Gunblast M1aGunblast M1a Kosher salt is a large-grain salt that furthermore good in cooking. Its flavor one is the most neutral. This salt is a favorite of chefs like Alton Brown, who sprinkle it liberally when kitchen. Gunblast M1a These weapons are problem solvers, nonetheless times its better to be able to contact via a deterrent for instance pepper spray, mace, or tear often.

Pepper spray can be made very easily if have got some hot peppers effectively spray vial. To make it, you can blend the peppers, or dry them out and crush it perfect into a powder. Once in powder form, specialists. Hydro-electric power can be a little safer than coal or oil but not by considerable.

When was Your Winchester Made?

Click on images for full-size picture Springfield Armory, Inc. The original Springfield Armory had origins dating back to the Revolutionary War, and in began building muskets for the then-new Continental Army. Up until it was a major manufacturer of US Martial Arms, including weapons on contract that were designed by civilian gunmaking firms. An example of this was the Colt Model While Springfield never resumed production of the pistol after war’s end, a few barrels were made as field replacements that are occasionally found in the hands of collectors or inside rebuilt pistols.

OKAY Industries Surefeed 30RD AR15 Magazine – Grey DFL – E2. This Okay Industries Surefeed magazine is designed for use with mm/ caliber ammunition and will fit/function in AR style firearms that meet military specifications.

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Vintage: M1A DOM0RE

He had an elder sister, Sally, three younger brothers, Peter, Timothy and David , and one younger sister, Georgina. As a youngster, Hunt became a proficient sportsman. He played for the Westerleigh School cricket team, and played in goal at football for two years. At the age of 12 he entered an under s tennis tournament, and lost to a year-old in the final.

Rather than congratulate himself, he instead cried for hours.

Sony’s MDR-1A is the successor to the discontinued MDR-1R, a “premium” over-ear that we liked a lot when we reviewed it a few years ago.. That earlier model was known for being extremely.

Army Ordnance Serial Number Assignments Understanding Serial Numbers – Understanding Dates of Manufacture Serial number blocks were assigned by the Ordnance Department on an as needed basis, generally in response to the awarding of a contract to a given manufacturer. The serial number was placed on the carbine receiver during the manufacturing process of the receiver, not when the carbine was finally assembled. The decision for which receivers would be used for the U.

Carbine Models M1, M1A1, or M2 were made well after the receiver was completed as all of these models used the same receiver. Given the high volume production, receivers were generally assembled as part of a carbine within a few months after the receiver was serial numbered. However, dating a carbine by it’s serial number alone is difficult and not always accurate given the circumstances inherent with manufacturing and the logistics situation during the time the carbines were manufactured.

A few of the manufacturers at various times used subcontractors to manufacture their receivers.

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The M1 was used extensively by U. Most M1 rifles were issued to soldiers, though many thousands were also given as foreign aid to friendly forces. It is also widely sought after by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, as well as a prized military collectible. It is available for American civilian ownership through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. History Although designed in , production delayed deliveries to the Army till September

May 08,  · M1A is dropping bad guys in Iraq at yards. Socom recoil is negligible, just recoil with the rifle instead of against it and you won’t get a bruised shoulder. I got 1 MOA accuracy at 50 yards with iron sites zeroed out of the factory so your results should be similar.

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Springfield/Winchester M14 M1A

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