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Lambretta 125

We are also able to date Bajaj made scooters from – To obtain a dating certificate it is necessary to contact the club via this website. There is no charge for club members using this service max 2 certificates per year.

Helmet Certification Lists. The Snell Memorial Foundation maintains a listing of all helmets that have met the Snell cturers are required to put a Snell serialized label inside each of their Snell certified helmets by the Licensing Agreement.

This leads to an interesting phenomenon in which randomly generated pairs speed off together toward some defined destination during which time they have an opportunity to communicate with each other through conversation, close physical proximity, and body language. Though the girl may object to playing the stereotypical role on the pillion seat in scooter dating, in some respects it is clearly the better place to be at the beginning of a relationship, and serious consideration should be given to the timing and possible consequences of role reversal.

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There are compensations for the boy who takes a back seat. Particularly where the practice of wearing a jacket backward is common see All Weather Scootering , sensuous tactile roving on all levels, from the seemingly accidental on up and on down , can be undetectable to others on the road, deeply thrilling, ultimately very extensive, and potentially rather hazardous. Remember, her hands are otherwise occupied and cannot easily nor safely intervene, leaving the field wide open. It is probably very unwise for him to attempt something on a new level in heavy traffic or at high speed, and unwise for her to have put these delights and decisions into his hands.

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In black with Japanese characters on the tank and a brown seat it looks super cool. It’s so handsome you’re tempted not to ride it because you enjoy looking at it so much. But ride it you must, and you get to relish in its light weight and flickability while bystanders enjoy the view. This bike is a model. Once it has passed this test, it can be registered in the normal way. We can help with this.

Nov 05,  · The museum was free and gave a history of the Vespa scooter. It was fascinating to learn what a key part of Italian culture the scooter has been Location: Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7, , Pontedera,, Italy.

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Contacts Join Us on Facebook We would love for you to join us and the evergrowing number of Lambro enthusiasts and owners around the world. Be the first to hear about new Lambros, parts and services available as well as support and information to help you on your Lambro journey What you need to know – the basics In the section we aim to answer a lot of the frequently asked questions about getting your Lambro on the road.

Some of the below is also relevant for all imported used historic vehicles eg Scooters and other historic three-wheelers such as Piaggio Apes. This information is based on our experience and research and designed to help explain about these topics.

Nov 01,  · Very clever of Vespa putting it in such a crap place as the rest of the identity details are stamped just above and still clear. DVLA to let me know number so I can apply for a V5 or at least get a dating certificate for an age related number. The alternative to no VIN, is IVA test and Q reg. “Raising” VIN number obscured by rust.

If transferred the only option is then to apply for an Age Related Registration. The DVLA accepts the following in establishing authenticity. Contact the Registrar for information on the location of any surviving records. A copy of the original logbook or other documentation as specified above. Only these will be accepted in place of the originals.

If you choose to send original documents through the post to myself, they must be sent First Class Signed For and Tracked. This is to reduce the chances of them being lost in the Post. Rubbings can be achieved, in the same way as brass rubbing, by placing a piece of thin paper over the number and rubbing gently with an HB pencil using the side of the lead until the numbers are revealed. A photograph of each side of the machine 90 degrees side on, complete and assembled, it can be loosely assembled, as it is not necessary for it to be in running order.

If all the above is in order I will return DVLA V Form for you to answer question 2 your personal details then sign and date the Declaration question 4. I will fill in all other relevant questions and machine details. Please then return both Forms to me in the SAE provided.

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Vespa 50 special for sale. We now have 11 ads for Vespa 50 special for sale under motorbikes & scooters. Vespa 50 Special fresh import from Italy, registered in uk V5 in my name mot 29/06/, Registered complete with dating certificate. Original 49cc engine. Tax Exempt. Will be MOTd. Nice little scooter. North £2, Private.

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Need to Register or Re-register your Vespa? Register Machines that have not been previously registered in the UK will require: All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated. If available, you will need: The document should be a sales receipt dated before , archive document or Authenticated Copy of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book or authenticated copy.

If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies.

Apr 03,  · DVLA today returned my registration application for my 50s as rejected. The reason was the dating certificate i supplied from the Vespa Club of Britain is insufficient!!

We provide DVLA accepted authentication letters to enable you to obtain an age-related plate for your Lambretta or Vespa scooter. Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal by making your payment to: If you send a photo then please ensure that you also write down the frame number. Badly taken photographs result in misreads of the frame number and an inconvenience to both the BLA and the applicant when letters need to be changed. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to register your scooter.

If you have any questions then please e-mail us at BLAAuthentications hotmail. Applications are being rejected for a number of reasons which are normally as follows: Photocopy of authentication letter – please ensure you send them the original letter.

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The club is run for the mutual benefit of all its members, all our committee members and officers are unpaid volunteers and we do not seek to make a profit. We also try to be as open and inclusive as we can: Our policies, minutes and accounts are available for all to see. We welcome non-members at our events.

Douglas Vespa L-2 , genuine one owner, lost in storage for 53 ctured in Bristol and riden for 10 years in Croydon by lady al registration number, matching frame and engine numbers, Vespa Club dating certificate.

The Rally was the next best one released and then onto the PX as I see it for me in the pedigree line I’ll watch with interest. Both models were the top of the range in their day and it took the PX model to come along and move ahead of the pack. Permalink Reply by Mike Richardson on September 8, at Is there a register that is run anywhere now? Permalink Reply by Mike Richardson on September 9, at I do not know of any registration holders of classic Vespa’s and thinking about it.. I note the Vespa club of GB has a dating certificate option available for those who want to get their classic Vespas authenticated I could only see it working at the micro club level and just maybe the issuing of a dating certificate is the best and only option way to go.

The issue for most classic owners is has the scoot had a life in Asia or is it of original origins i. I may check out doing the email thing like Tony did too. Just a thought too Mike, a Club run register could open up a can of worms with some members getting their nose out of joint, when they find out their pride and joy classic, purchased from some reputable rebuilder is actually not the ‘real Italian deal’.

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Scooter dating certificate changes | NEWS. 2. Anyone who has ever tried to register a Lambretta, Vespa or any other scooter for that matter will know the number of hoops that have been set in place over the years by the DVLA. As with most Government based organisations they have introduced changes to the registration process and some have.

Therefore no responsibility will be accepted for any errors or omissions. This can be quite simple in the case of a scooter which is registered and had been in use till recently. If the scooter has a current registration document V5 then all that should be required is to obtain insurance, a new MOT certificate then register the new keeper if changed When is no registration document it will be necessary to register the vehicle, the following link may be of help.

It may be worth trying the following link to check if there is a record of the vehicle. If it is not found there it may be possible that the original licensing office may still have the old registration details on record, but many have destroyed these since switching to computerised records. Next gather any documents which relate to the vehicle, such as an old logbook, MOT certificates, tax discs or sale documents, that can be produced to prove the number belongs to the vehicle and obtain form V A dating certificate may also be required.

Unregistered in UK or no trace of original reg.

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Vespa PK80S small frame – fitted with kit. Has Leo Vincini exhaust with Dellorto Carb. There is a small dent on one of the side doors. V5 and Dating Certificate present. 12 mon.

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