Stanley Planes Model Number Reference

Keep it tuned-up and it should serve you well. I still think you would really like to add a 3 or 4 to your arsenal, but no need to rush into it. I rarely need to joint-up any thing larger than a 4′ board, and it seems a little silly to me to heft a twelve pound, three-foot-long behemoth number 7 or 8 to do so I weigh Not a lot of leverage there. Yeah I think I eventually want to get all the planes–I’ll just keep a look out on Craigslist. Btw, I just found a 6 on Craigslist — a type 16 along with a stanley 14″ plane jack..

Dating vintage stanley tools

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stanley four square tools; lie-nielsen tools; bridge city tool works; record tools; coopers’ tools; squares. home; catalog; squares; stanley no. 16 improved mitre. $ twelve in one tool & a dozen tools in 1 – 95n. $ stanley no “all in one.

Manufacturing Technician 2nd Shift 3pm am at Stanley Greenfield, IN About the Job Stanley Access Technologies is recognized as an industry leader in the manufacturing, installation and servicing of automatic doors. Our growing product and service offerings have driven significant growth for our service business. Join our world class team of diligent problem solvers, innovators, fresh thinkers and communicators who excite and inspire others.

We are looking for energetic, detail oriented leaders that focus on execution, meet commitments, break through turf issues, and have a passion to exceed customer expectations. Joining the Stanley team means joining one of the world’s largest, fastest-growing, and most dynamic companies. In addition to joining a world class organization, as a member of the Stanley Team, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and solid opportunities for growth.

This position is responsible for performing a variety of manufacturing tasks related to cutting, machining and assembly of automatic door packages. Work involves the ability to read tape measure, blueprints and wiring diagrams to complete assemblies. The incumbent will utilize multiple pieces of manufacturing equipment, power and non-powered hand tools and established work methods and procedures necessary to accomplish assigned task. This is a 2nd Shift position. Working Hours are 3: To set up, operate and maintain cut-off saws and a variety of machines to manufacture door packages calibration and lubrication functions.

To perform a variety of assembly operations, install and test electronic components and wiring required to layout and assemble complete door packages. Inspect finished doors, components and sub-assemblies to pack complete aluminum entrance packages.

Stanley Works Acquires Black & Decker (DeWalt, Porter Cable, Delta)

And also see William Klenke’s article on “the saw that cuts from the top”. The s was a time of both frustration and transition in Industrial Arts, particularily woodworking. Although initially presented as entirely Stickley’s work, it is in fact anonymously drawn by Louise Shrimpton. The firm may have derived some income from “Home Training” by selling Craftsman wood finishes and Craftsman hardware to amateur cabinetmakers.

There is perhaps another benefit:

If you have a Stanley bench plane and you want to know roughly when it was made, Start by reading Patrick Leach’s comments on Stanley plane dating. I never put secondary bevels on any of my cutting tools, and I would really recommend not doing it on plane blades, at .

Click link to see other Sales Archive Pages on this Site. We can help you sell quality Antiques Contact Us. Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website. Prices seen span a long period of time and may not reflect current values. Some are selling for more, many now sell for less. On some pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation. The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

Our current offering of Antiques for sale are at our sister Website Patented-Antiques. They offered them in the number 4 size, as well as the number 5 and a high angle block plane, and a high angle denoted as the S They were only made for 15 or so years. They were aimed at schools, and for applications where there was a likelihood of them being dropped as the steel body would not crack or break like the cast iron counterpart.

Proto (tools)

Price Guide to Antique Tools By Terry Hurley Collector and Antique Store Owner Learn more about antique hand tools Experienced antique tool collectors know that having a price guide to antique tools is a valuable resource when adding pieces to their collections. They also know that a price guide is just as important when selling their tools regardless of the venue. Antique Tool Price Guides: An Important Resource Antique tool collectors know the importance of having a reliable and current price guide.

This is the book they rely on for guidance while searching through antique shops, flea markets and garage sales. It often accompanies them to auction houses and rests on their desks as they browse auction websites.

Below you will find a tool for Stanley plane identification, specifically dating Stanley planes and identifying the type of your Stanley Bailey woodworking bench hand planes.

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Flexible sole; early types have a side wheel cutter adjustment Manufactured1: Japanned, nickel plated trimmings User Info1: For planing concave and convex surfaces as in circular frames and in serpentine drawer fronts. The flexible sole adjusts by turing the large front knob.

Stanley # A4 Smooth Plane Stanley made and sold a few different Aluminum planes and other tools back in the 20’s and 30’s. They made an aluminum version of the #18 block plane, the #78 and the #45, some levels, a brace, as well as these three different size bench planes, the A4, the A5, & the A6.

This came several years after the manufacture of Barber’s patent chuck and jaws, and two years after Amidon’s “Barber’s Improved” jaws made their appearance, empowering Millers Falls. Stanley didn’t have a chance, and wisely retreated from the brace business until they began buying brace companies in the early s. This history features the acquisition of the Bartholomew business in and then the Fray company in , leading to the development of an extensive line of braces that developed through the s and 30s.

Because my brace collection features pre patents, I’ve not been too interested in Stanley braces, except for those that have apparent rarity or unusual marks. For example, I own one ratchet brace that is a Stanley No. The brace has a sweetheart logo, dating it to the s. But unlike the usual No. Moreover, this brace has another mark that is unusual.

I interpret this to be for the Western Union Telegraph Co. A number of these have passed through my hands. Both of the ones pictured below have pre Stanley logos, and both have ebonized hardwood handles, rather than cocobolo. Army” and may date to the WWI era. Another group of Stanley braces were fitted with aluminum handles for a short period of time between and


Either that, or someone sabotaged Stanley ‘s orange paint supply. The later planes have a yellow background in the notched rectangle. These planes typically have the rounded iron type 19 and up. Another thing not mentioned in the type study is that on some examples the frogs have an orange over paint on them.

I just bought one today dating stanley bedrock planes same discription Like Like. February 4, at 7: Stanley 65 type 1 restoration time tested tools. While comprehensive type studies exist for the no.

The following history is excerpted from a Tool Talks publication by Stanley Tool: The manufacture of “Bailey” Planes by Stanley marked a turning point in the Company’s history. Stanley’s dominant position was recognized by carpenters and mechanics everywhere who turned over their problems and suggestions to the Company. This created a demand for specialized tools to perform certain jobs better than they could be done with regular size or style tools. Stanley responded by increasing its line to still greater proportions to include many more hand tools that helped craftsmen do better work.

A search of the U. In the George E. Wood Company, of Plantsville, Conn. The business was enlarged under Stanley leadership and Stanley “Hurwood” Screw Drivers became the biggest selling quality drivers in the world. Two other companies were purchased in and

Craftsman Launches 1,200 New Tools Under Stanley Black & Decker

OldTools is a mailing list catering to the interests of old hand tool aficionados, both collectors and users. To quote from the OldTools list charter: The purpose of this list is to provide an entertaining, not-quite-moderated, light-hearted, fun, jolly, happy, informative forum to discuss the history, usage, value, location, availability, collectibility, and restoration of traditional tools, including woodworking tools. OldTools is a very casual place– The popular image is that of a back porch get-together.

People come and go, swap stories, ask questions of the “old-timers”, and just generally engage in friendly discussion of the old tool topics of the day. What exactly is a “mailing list”?

The result was a boycott of Stanley Tools from March, to December, Sargent & Company increased their profits for those three years. The brand name HERCULES began in , probably to compete with the FOUR SQUARE brand by Stanley. The HERCULES was a low price plane, Sargent and Company Author.

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Stanley Spokeshave

This article was scanned from the April issue of ToolTalk. There are two at least illogical gaps in the numbering of Stanley levels. Those are the No. The Stanley levels with numbers beginning with 0 are typically non-adjustable models that have an adjustable counterpart. For example, the Stanley No. The non-adjustable levels in this series were previously thought to be 00, 0, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06 and John Walter, Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools, pp.

STANLEY “LIBERTY BELL” PLANES TYPE STUDY September 6, By Robert E. Ziegler The starting point for this type study is the information in John Walter’s book, Antique & Collectible STANLEY TOOLS.

For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual beveling of leather, especially around the turnins and caps. While a Scharfix or Brockman type paring machine is useful, you would have to do a lot of sanding if you want a long, gradual bevel found on English fine bindings, and for reducing thickness in the spine area. It is invaluable for conservation, because one can selectively pare areas to the precise thickness desired.

In a pinch you could shape wooden boards with it. Although cobblers have been using specialized shoe shaves and heel shaves since the mid 19th C. Earlier binders either purchased leather of the required thickness, sent it back to a leatherseller to thin it for them, or in the second half of the 19th C. Middleton , This is pure speculation, but perhaps the combination of WWI and the depression forced some leather tanners and curriers out of business and binders were forced to do the thinning themselves?

Some French trained binders still send their skins for paring. Perhaps the bookbinding leather market became too small? I have often heard that WWI killed many trade bookbinders. Pledger , Mathews is the earliest bookbinding manuel that references the spokeshave for paring leather that I have found. He noted that a properly set blade has a peticular, high pitched whispering sound when in use. Using a spokeshave is very similar to using a wood plane- the tool should already be in motion before you start to make a cut.

Type studies are useful in dating, determining chronology and rarity of manufactured tools.

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